Texting/Chatting in the wizard world

  • Harry: Hey Hermione? Have you done your homework for McGonagall yet?
  • Hermione: Of course I have! Don't tell me.... You haven't... Have you?
  • Draco: Hey granger! How do I use this thing?
  • Hermione: Uh..... You just did Malfoy. LOL
  • Harry: Geez Malfoy. Don't you know how to use a simple computer?
  • Hermione: Malfoy is pureblood.... Remember? They don't do the muggle thing. Usually.
  • Draco: Well... There IS one muggle thing I do. All the time ;-)
  • Hermione: Draco Malfoy!
  • Harry: Uh..... Do I want to know what that ferret meant by that?
  • Hermione: Not really, no.
  • Draco: * laughs hysterically*
  • Hermione: Sleeze.
  • Harry: Ha!
  • Draco: That's what she said haha
  • Harry: I'm going to sign off now. See ya Hermione! Malfoy...
  • Hermione: Bye bye Harry.
  • Draco: So uh.... What now?

Anonymous asked:

In the books did it ever mention that dracos patronous was a cat? Orr is that just on this blog? Just curious

themalfoymen answered:

//ooc: in books draco didn’t know how to cast or patronus (or he did and we just didn’t know about it) so i figured since he’s happy with harry, he now can cast one. so i chose i cat because i think it suits him.

Should have made it ferret :)